Monday, November 8, 2021


Good morning! Happy Monday!
It's cold enough to need a sweater outside but not cold enough for me to not wear my sandals haha.

I spent all day yesterday working on these little bags. I'm at the match up fabrics for linings stage. Also found those upholstery type fabric ones I cut out a long time ago so doing those too while I'm at it.

Apparently I left this drawer open and this little a-hole rearranged for me. I had to just leave it this morning since I had to go into the office.

I ordered some cheap shoe boxes to try organizing my fabric some more. The look nice and will work out well but I can't fit as much fabric on the shelves. Hmmm. So debating on buying more for the other bookshelves still. I like that I can just pull the bin out instead of having to rearrange everything to see what is there and I think it will keep them cleaner (and less sun from the window).

This one has been hanging out in the sewing room again. I haven't had her in there much at all but now she likes it again.

Dinner last night, plus another piece of chicken and another little scoop of potatoes.

Someone kept pushing me for my opinion on something last night even though I said I didn't want to be involved and guess what? They didn't like what I had to say. Sheesh like I didn't know that was going to happen. Should have known better, but I did, but I didn't. Some day I'll learn. 

Of course then I went for ice cream because I don't smoke anymore. That's what I really wanted to do. So weird how that urge for something you haven't done in years comes back.

Love this meme, I feel pretty free of trying to prove things to anyone. If you don't like me so be it. You can just move along. Anyone that looks perfect is not, no one is perfect, they just look good from the outside.

Here at work to work on these letters. I better get busy. I'm not leaving until they are done. So sick of them lol. Might be here at midnight if I don't get busy!


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