Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Good morning happy Wednesday!

This weather is so depressing all we want to do is nap. Where's the sun? I haven't seen it in at least a week.

Yesterday after work Trevor and I took my friend's wheelchair back to her mom's house. We had borrowed it for Scott's mom but she doesn't need it so I got it back for her. Her mom has early Parkinson's so they might need it sooner or later.

Then we went and got a Christmas tree, which is currently sitting on the porch all tied up still since it was dark by the time we got back. I need to go out in the shed and find all the stuff to put it up.

I did a little bit of sewing on the coasters last night, these are all double sided so the flipped one is to show the back.

Oh and I fixed the nose pieces on my friend's masks for her, the elastic on her husband's oversized mug cozy and a new clasp for her mom's keychain haha. Glad to know they like the stuff so much and use it to death.

I sent this to her and was like "guts". The kids get a little overzealous bending the nose pieces sometimes.

all fixed up

 I saw this and it cracked me up.  I can't even sleep without hurting myself. My leg has been sore from vacuuming all week. I think that means I need more exercise ;)

I have this thing called "The Stick" that I got when I was running to roll out on your muscles and I started using it on my neck where it hurts, it's actually helped a lot. Maybe eventually my neck won't hurt at all (one can hope).

Trevor went to work today so I have the house to myself. Well except for the animals. Rusty is currently huffing at me to go outside. So annoying how he does that. I guess I should be glad he doesn't pee in the house. 

Jess brought over ANOTHER turkey a couple days ago. Sadly she had taken it out of the freezer so now I have to cook it. I'm going to do that today so it doesn't get wasted. Might just put the cooked meat in the freezer. Last time we made sandwiches out of Trevor's work one and it was gone in like two days. 

Ok off to find my pants to take the dog out so he'll leave me alone.

Oh side note today is Scott's Dad's birthday. Still so weird not celebrating with him. I miss the old guy!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

that meme I relate to. :-)

Jules,Make a turkey pot pie. I had so much leftover because I don't eat/like turkey so that is what I made. I got those aluminum disposable pie tins that are for an individual pie size. I bought store-bought pie crust and cut them to fit these small pie tins. I made several for Rick. I froze a few too. This way he can have a quick dinner some night with a salad. He loves pot pies so I make them with left over chicken all the time. So that's my tip of the day. I know you are so glad you asked...tee hee

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