Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter 2021

 Hello did you all survive Easter? We had the kids over and it was fun but I spent a lot of time cleaning before and after so I'm glad Melissa wants to go out to eat for her birthday haha. This morning started with Scott calling me telling me his mom had fallen. He had just got to work so it would take him awhile to get back (like 1 1/2 hours commute). I asked Jess to go with me and we went into town to check on her. She was sitting on the edge of  the bed changing her clothes when we got there. She had fallen right next to the bed and landed on her butt. Scott's sister got her back up but she was hurting and wanted to get X rays. So we got her in the car and I drove her to the ER. Scott drove in right ahead of me (no idea how fast he drove to get there). He got her out of the car and they let him go in with her. They did Xrays and then a CT Scan and couldn't see anything broken so he said they were sending her home. He still isn't home yet so he's probably trying to get her situated if they ever got out of there.

I went from there to home real quick to change my clothes and get cleaned up a bit and then to get my 2nd vaccine. That took about an hour all around to get that done (why have you fill out a form they send you in email if they then want you to fill out almost the same form again and then ask you 12 times if you are pregnant or have covid, it's all on the paper...) So that is done yet. Trying to get some work done but I can't really concentrate with 5000 things going on.

Here is the basic bunny cake you can make with 2 round cake pans and a little imagination lol

Presents! The one on the left is from me to the baby and the others are from my mom to all the kids. My friend gave me that pretty orchid I'll probably kill.

Opening bunny gifts

He was so funny when the glasses were put on he would be startled like "who turned off the lights?"

Grandpa time!

Baby egg dying with rice & food coloring in the bags. He mostly wanted to just eat the bags.

Kids dying eggs. Eric was there but didn't make it into a picture.

Me being a dork taking selfies with the baby

Kids eggs

That we turned into deviled eggs 

and playing with his auntie Melissa.

I did all the dishes and put them away before I went to bed. So glad I did that. There were a lot! 

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