Monday, April 19, 2021

1st Craft Show of 2021

Hello Happy Monday!

I had my booth on Saturday at the Waterford Museum. My friend Cassi went with me for the day. She is such a great sales person! I did really well for such a small venue. There were about 20 booths.

I need to make a 3rd tablecloth out of the sheets I have. You can tell the one that is not made up into a table cloth yet. They work really well because they don't really get wrinkled and I made them to fit the tables. The older ones have little holes in them so I can tie my stuff down to the table when it is really windy. It was a tiny bit windy and one rack of keychains fell over a few times. I am going to try making some sandbags to hold them down I think. I tried rocks in the past and it would still blow over.

My biggest seller was the zip bags, then key chains, wine bags and mug cozies were about the same. Funny how different things sell at different places. 

The roses there were amazing

Here is my Tubby looking all cute in the clean stuff I had just washed.

I spent almost all day yesterday cleaning up my items for my next show. Everything got a swipe with the lint roller and reorganized. Pretty much ready for my next show on Sunday at the Livermore Outlets. My friend won't be around to go with me so I'll be by myself. I hope it is a good show too!

Tomorrow my friend and I are going to Reno for two nights for vacation. Wooot woooot I can't wait. So nice to get out and about and do things. Being locked up for a year was way too long. Probably won't be back here until Friday (I should have taken the whole week off, I don't know what I was thinking). Hope you all have a great week!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Glad you had a good show. I am not brave enough to venture out just least not somewhere like Reno.😃 Enjoy!!

Julie H said...

@Peg, my friend's daughter lived there and she said there weren't that many people out and about and they have the same rules as here with masks and all that. The hotel actual does temp checks too it sounds like from what I read.

Nelson's said...

Your table looks so nice! I wonder if people would buy something similar to your triangle hanging decoration on top of the tent for parties? Seems people are going all out Pinterest-ing up decorations. Have a fun vacation!!

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