Friday, April 9, 2021

Birthday Dinner

Good morning! Yeah it's Friday!!

So yesterday Trevor was running a low grade fever all day so he stayed home from Melissa's Birthday dinner. Weird missing a kid. The fever is gone today so hopefully whatever he had is short lived.

This is the rest of us at Texas Roadhouse, first family dinner out since my birthday in Feb 2020. Nice to go out since that way I don't have to cook or clean up BUT  it took like an hour to get a table and we had to wait outside and that was even with calling ahead.  I had a nice blouse on but it got covered up with the random sweater in the car since it got cold waiting.

Melissa's boyfriends birthday is the day after hers, isn't that funny?

I got the pulled pork dinner with the loaded sweet potato and side salad. I was pretty much full after the side salad and a roll (and a margarita). Just LOOK at this pile of meat. I have enough meat to make lunch for like 3 days.

We all ended up driving separate to the restaurant and I had to get gas before I went home. Noticed my car now has 67K miles on it. (2017) It would have a lot more if I hadn't mostly stayed home for the last year so at least that was good for the wear and tear on my car.  I have been paying a little extra each month on my car payment but I think I should try and bump it up a bit more. I hate paying on a car that has a ton of miles on it.  Also there is no way it was only 68 outside. 

I have like 3 things to do for work today that I didn't do yesterday so I guess I'll do those now ;) I got all the mug cozies I had cut out sewn together so now I'm just working on clipping and turning them. Then it will be topstitching and buttons and then done! Probably take me a day to get that done then I'll work on some masks.

Scott took the day off to be with his mom while his sister goes to work (she works like 1/2 a day Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday). He forgot his phone so he'll have to come back to get that before 2 something when she has a video appointment with her doctor. She has the worst doctor's office ever. Any office that takes three days to call back about a 90 year old's meds being refilled gets a big fat F in my book. I think we should change her over to our doctor but so far that hasn't happened since it involves changing the doctor with the insurance. 

OK hope you all have a great day and a great weekend!


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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OMG your MIL had to wait days before they responded. Unacceptable. I'd find another doctor who takes medicare. The poor thing.
You all look great in the photo. I've seen you guys there a few times on the blog. I have only eaten at one once. I don't have one near me so that is why. I miss going out to eat. Not much is open here either, so that saves some money. Julie my car has just a tad over 100K miles on it. But it is also paid off. It is a 2007. Every one says it looks so good, don't get a new one. Why a payment? Ah, because I'd like a built-in GPS and I'd like Sirius not on my dashboard with a little radio but built into my radio. You know modern conveniences. But it looks new inside and out so there is the reason I still have it.

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