Thursday, March 7, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday from the office. 
The only good thing about being in the office is not having to take the dogs out haha.

It's almost blossom time here in the valley. Most of the trees have lost their blossoms but some are still full. Stopped for a pic of this one on my way to work this morning.

Yesterday I went to the dentist and they couldn't find anything wrong with my tooth. Go figure. They did find a cavity on the other side of my mouth though. I go back in a couple weeks to get that taken care of. He said if my tooth is still bothering me (it's not hot or cold sensitive so that is weird I guess) then he'll send me to an endodontist to get it checked out more. 

The dentist office was small but everyone was super nice. The dentist also told me that I don't even need a deep clean. I'm glad I turned down that $900 out of pocket deep clean they were forcing on me at my old dentist.  They did a normal cleaning while I was there. The only thing that was weird about the whole visit was the hygienist pulling the dental floss out like a string after she put it between my teeth. So weird lol. I think maybe she didn't want to hurt me pulling it back up between my tighter teeth. 

After I got home I finished up my ballerina quilt blocks. Now I just have to lay them all out and then sew them together (and then clip the seams after that). What should I make next? This is where I start thinking about that lol. I think I might work on the scrap pieces I cut while I was cutting these out. Maybe make some blocks with small(er) pieces. 

I made another Hello Fresh meal last night. This one was called "Crispy Parmesan Chicken". The chicken pieces are so small. I'm sure the boys had to make a snack after. I had went to the store after the dentist (and got my hair trimmed) and picked up some asparagus and subbed that in instead of the carrots it came for. They must get a really good price on carrots. I went into the menu for next week and took out anything with carrots and picked something else. This was pretty good even though the piece of chicken was small. Scott didn't eat his couscous so I ate it. Not something I would usually buy but it was good! I'm like it's like round rice kind of. Or small pasta? Just looked it up, it's actually pasta. 

Tonight we'll be having 'Shroom 'n Swiss Beef Burgers. Unless I decide I don't want to cook and pick up something else on the way home 😉

Ok guess I'll go figure out how to print a UPS label on the Pitney Bowes machine. Wish me luck. 


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