Saturday, March 2, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday!

I got this quilt washed yesterday and just took photos of it. The pirate cat just cracks me up!

I have a good system for these now. Minimum of 6 pieces of the same fabrics and then I can make a nice layout. 

Love this fabric on the back. 

And about 15 minutes after posting on FB I have a buyer :) Love that. It's nice to be able to be creative and not have to store everything.

I've been working on cutting matching fabrics for this one next. It was in the fabrics that I bought from my last fabric flipping venture. I put a ton of them in the wash and the colors seemed fun to work with after black and white. I got most of the fabrics cut last night but got too tired to finish.

Our weather forecast for the next few days. It is beautiful outside for the moment. Simon is outside soaking up the sun and hopefully not getting all muddy haha.

Only a little bit of time to fart around this morning. Have to shower and figure out what to wear to meet my friends for lunch later. I have to swing by the post office and mail off my packages from the other day since I didn't get that done yesterday.

I hear Scott washing dishes so I'll just hide out awhile longer haha. 

I think I'm going to have to make a dentist appointment. A tooth is bothering me. Sigh. Sometimes my teeth hurt when I have sinus stuff going on so I've been hoping it will go away but it doesn't seem to be happening. I really want to go to a new dentist so I need to figure that out ASAP. I really really hate going to the dentist. 

I also need to make an appointment for Snookie. Her breath smells so bad. I'm afraid they are going to have to pull all her teeth out :(  Sucks being old even for a dog.

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