Monday, March 4, 2024


Good morning happy Monday!
Yesterday turned into a mostly all day babysitting day.
Who knew this would be the best seat in the house? 
(and yes he started off with all his clothes on for like 3 minutes lol)

Rosie's turn!

I took them home at like 5:30. Nate was so cute all snuggled up.

After I got back I made one of the Hello Fresh meals. I still have one left from last week I need to make today. The next 3 are arriving today so that's about all week's dinners!

This one was good it was a caramelized onion swiss cheeseburger. I just had to cook the "fries" a bit longer than it said.

I went to bed not too long after dinner since I was tired from not sleeping much. I slept most of the night except for waking up to the sound of Scott coughing quite a bit. Apparently he has the virus I had last time. He went to work to spread it some more to his coworkers :(

Tonight I have darts and then tomorrow morning I have to drive to Fresno to a useless meeting that I'm required to attend. I've seen the agenda and it looks like it could have been an email. 

Plan for today is to finish cutting out the fabrics for this little ballerina quilt and maybe start working on it.  I need to work on getting rid of that fabric that's back on the kitchen table some more and/or put it in a tote. Also unload my car of the boxes from Scott's mom's house so I'm not toting those with me to Fresno tomorrow.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My highlander is a 2007 and I don't even have 100K yet. :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg, usually I'd have hit that a long time ago but thanks to Covid and not going into the office it's taken awhile! It's 12 miles to anything from my house.

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