Tuesday, March 26, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday! I made it into the office today. I stopped at McD's to get a breakfast sandwich and when I was leaving there was a whole stream of cop cars and a swat team truck going by. Someone was about to have a bad morning!

It is so cold in here I am going to have to turn on the little heater under my desk. Brrr

Yesterday I spent all day working on these 2 quilts. I have all the layers sewn together now. I laid out the patchwork ones on my bed (just barely fit since it has more squares. I'm doing 8 rows of 8 blocks. I'm more excited to sew those together than the bicycle ones lol. I really like doing the scrappy.

I had enough backing fabrics from my stash so that was good!

Scott made our hello fresh meal. They gave this some kind of Mexican name but it's more Indian food like. It was really good. 

Tina cracking me up with her sleeping position.

After work today I'm going to try to go by Costco to get stuff for Nachos for Easter. We'll see if I make it there or not. Tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Sarah for lunch so that will be fun.

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