Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I mostly worked on listing some stuff on eBay. I had started the day by pulling a pattern I had sold and thinking well this box is pretty empty I bet I can condense it with another one. Which I did and then I was like well I have this other box of patterns in the sewing room that I never listed so I went through those. Then I listed some other books I had sitting here. Somehow that was almost all day lol.
I have two grocery bags of not worth selling patterns now to donate. Hopefully I'll remember on Thursday when I'm out and about and can drop them off.

I took Simon for another little walk. We went one more little block down. My hips were a little sore on the way back but not too bad. We were only out about 15 minutes. I'm in such bad shape now. I hate that I did that to myself after being a runner! Going to try and walk a little bit every day to build up some stamina. The first day I went I didn't take my phone and it was a beautiful sky but this time it was like there was a fire somewhere. Simon was wishing I was on a sleigh so she could run like a crazy sled dog. Probably need to put a harness on her instead of using her collar. She is super strong.

I was trying to get her to sit with the full moon but she said no.

Today. What are we doing today? Maybe eBay maybe finish up the Mickey bags. Maybe finish up the dishes. I got one tub washed this morning already. Never got to them yesterday other than to organize them. I'm like where do these all come from? 

Trying to decide if I took my meds this morning or not. Pretty sure I didn't but can't remember for sure. 

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