Wednesday, April 3, 2024


Hello happy hump day! 
Moving right on towards the weekend wooohoo.

Yesterday my house was still clean so Trevor decided to clean his room. He cleans his room by taking half of it out and putting it into the living room. Love that (not). 

Simon was like well since my bed is here might as well take a nap.

I think he put most of it away by the time I got home from darts. 
Kids. They are why we can't have clean houses. 

After work I took a shower and thought I'd put clothes away but instead I just layed on my bed with my sleep support animals. 

I did horrible on darts but I think overall our team did ok. I don't even know if we won lol. I think I got side tracked. Stayed after talking to my friend Sheryl and closed the bar down at 10. 

I slept great last night finally. First time in like a week. That pain in my lower stomach area is finally starting to go away now. TG that was scary. Still no Aunt Flo so I officially skipped a month. Woohoo. Lets hope she stays away next month too. I will not mind that part of being "old" haha. 

I've been working hard on the latest batch of letters for work. Finally got the big office done so now to do the two smaller offices. Tomorrow I'll go into the office and mail them all out. 

No plans for tonight except maybe do some sewing and or maybe put some laundry away!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Gee I thought it was husbands who were the reasons we can't keep a house clean or straightened!
Are you close to 50 yet? Sounds to me like you're getting ready to not have a cycle anymore. I was thrilled to death with that being over. A woman said to me that she feels like a woman every month when she starts. she cried when it ended. WHAT? I did a happy dance and thought I can wear white pants whenever I wanted to!! I don't need my period to feel like a woman thank you!😁

Julie H said...

@Peg yeah I turned 50 in February!

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