Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday!

Yesterday I watched the kids at their house for about two hours so Jess could run to the store. Baby Nate is full of smiles :)

When you restart because your computer is being slow and it updates for 30 minutes.

I tried out the new sewing machine I got from the neighbor for $125. It is so quiet! It uses different bobbins than my machine so I ordered some off Amazon. I just did a few test runs to try it out for now.

Finished up a few bags

A few more to go!

Simon and I went for another little walk. We went a bit farther. Pretty sure that was at least a mile plus. I found the Runkeeper app in my phone so I can use that next time to see how far we walk. She is super hyper when we start off but has been calming down about 1/2 way through. She really wants to run and run fast lol.

Dinner was almost done when we got back. It turned out pretty good for not having a recipe.

Went to bed early because I was done with life for the day. 

I'm going to have to go to the store maybe today or tomorrow. There is about 5 things in the fridge. I need to wipe it all down while it is so empty. 

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