Monday, April 29, 2024


Good morning happy 30th birthday Monday to my Jessica!! She has plans today so we are going to do dinner tomorrow night.

Yesterday was my dad's 76th birthday. We went over to my brother's house for cake and ice cream. My other brother's family was sick so it was just a few of us.

Stella and little Joe playing with him

Trevor went with us and we had In & Out for dinner on the way. No picture, what a bad blogger. 

I started working on some misc projects for the craft booth yesterday. I've got some Nightmare Before Christmas keychains and zip bags in the works. I also pulled out a bunch of "almost done" stuff out of my finish later box to work on. That should keep me busy for this week.

Need to go to the store and get stuff for the birthday dinner tomorrow and clean the house up a bit too. Probably leave the cleaning mostly for tomorrow ;) I do need to wash 1000 dishes again. I swear they are never ending!

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