Thursday, October 5, 2017

Just another day of fun!

I keep meaning to do a nice post but ack never get there lol.

I get so frustrated at work sometimes. We are working on cleaning out files (AGAIN) at work and doing a ton of shredding. Basically one shelf of the filing cabinet produces one big black bag of shredding. The first day we were work on it I told the gal that is in the office by the shredder I could close her door if she'd like while I shred. Then she went into this MISSION on moving the shredder so that she didn't have to hear it. The other guy in the office was complaining too. I was thinking how about me? I have to hear it lol. So I just stayed out of it for the most part and let the boss take care of it and it got moved into the small room where the files are so that's fine.

Then the janitor guy came through and I asked him if we could get another roll of bags. He gets all worked up about me saying I was going to toss some of the bags in to the dumpster because the guys that come pick up the recycling only come once a week. We already had about 12 bags of shredding from one and half days. Where the fuck are we supposed to store it all while we wait for the recycle guys to come around. They came today and got what we had (minus the two I chucked in the dumpster yesterday). Now it will be a week before they come again so we'll see how that plays out.

Our project got sidelined today by an audit that we had to do on some 80 something files. I got my 40 some odd done right before I left today. Then shredded two huge piles of papers.

There are some random guys in our office fixing something with the heating and air conditioning unit. I swear someone could totally just pose as a worker and get in our office so easily. Totally freaks me out.

I actually didn't have anything to do after work today other to pay a couple bills so I'm sitting here doing some blog reading and a quick rant post ;) The kids went to go get a pizza since they didn't want "chicken again". Such whiners. Whatever, guess I don't have to cook right?Pin It

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am in the midst of the cleaning out my office. Right now I am at the stage of paper and shit EVERYWHERE. I have boxes of things to be shredded and my desk had piles of paper and I am drowning. I can't wait to finish. It may be a few more weeks though. I have an issues. At work I can't do it and work. After work I just want the hell out of this office!!!

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