Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Did you all have a fabulous New Years Eve?  I worked for a little more than half a day. Someone gave me these poppers on my desk. Wasn't that nice? Everyone had some kind of NYE gift. It was all from one girl at work. 

After work I ran to the bank (huge line) then home. My friend Kristin came over for a few hours. Originally she was going to go to the New Year's Eve party at the club with us but her boyfriend got off of work early so she just came over to hang out for awhile. We played a few games of UNO and just sat around talking. Oh and I made us some chicken fajitas for dinner. She said she was feeling a cold coming on so left not too long after that.

The club party started at 8 and we went down to the club house right about then. They had revolving appetizers all night and a few casino games (I only played one), a guy playing DJ (he does all the parties) and of course the bar was open.

Most of my book club buddies were there and we sat with them out in the hall. It was like our own private section because most people were sitting in the kitchen area.  Although once the games started people wandered in and out.

I think Scott may have had a little bit of fun. I had to ask him to put his phone away about 100 times. Really? Playing chess on your phone while you are at a party? Redic. Might as well stay home if you are going to do that. 

I was feeling all of my extra weight I've gained when I was getting ready to go. It's not really THAT much but I ate crap for all of December so that wasn't helping my poochy belly any either.  I was actually kind of amazed at how many people told me how great I looked and how I've done such a great job keeping the weight off, etc. Boosted my ego a bit and made me realize a lot of what I see is in my head.

In the bar area

Before midnight someone came around passing out little hat things, blowers and poppers.

Before we knew it, it was midnight! We stayed at the bar for a little bit longer and then came home and went to bed.  I'm glad we have made so many friends out here now, it makes staying close to home a lot more fun.
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Last night I watched Mike and Molly and the book club of ladies were all older like in your photo. Did you see it? They loved the porn. It was hysterical!!!

Chris H said...

Happy New Year chick, and yes, you do look wonderful!

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