Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day!

Christmas. Ahhh all about the kids! This year was so much fun with the twins. They are getting bigger and a lot of fun to play with. I'm soaking it all up now before they decide they don't like me lol.

Ok lots of pictures! Youngest to oldest opening presents.

We brought my big box on the left (that had my present from Scott in it).


He got a hat like Grandpa :)


She loved her little piano that someone bought her

Ava the blur lol. 












She liked the little trailer decoration I got her lol


Charly (Maegen's Dad)

oh and Uncle Bobby came later (Dad's brother)

Biggest hit? The box we brought the presents over in lol. I told Scott next year we'll just give them each an empty box.

I think all the kids were in it at one point or another.

We did a $5 white elephant game with my siblings. I think this shows our sense of humor lol

The naughty Santa we regifted from last year. I taped it to a brick when I wrapped it in a box so no one guessed what it was lol.

After gifts we just hung out for most of the day. I made my lasagna for dinner while we were there since I ran out of time at home.

The boys got electric scooters

 For dinner we had prime rib and lasagna. Lots of cookies and pies for dessert. We ended the night by playing Uno until Adrian was begging her parents to take her home so she could go to bed. I guess that's a successful Christmas :)
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie what a wonderful day.
Growing up we always had lasgna and prime rib too. :-)

Those babies are so damn cute!!

And it's so true, the box is always the biggest hit. Wonder what they'd do if you just gave them different size boxes. :-)

Chris H said...

I loved all the photos! The best one? The twins asleep together... SO ADORABLE! So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas.

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