Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Morning!

Oh Christmas morning. I started my morning off by laying in bed emailing with my friends Dee and Carolyn,(we email each other every day, usually several times though out the day. It used to just be while we were at work but now we do it on the weekends too.) snuggling with the animals and listening to Scott and Trevor talking in the living room.

Snookie kind of likes to sleep on my face lol.

The dogs opened their presents (video is taking too long to load) and were super cute. Then onto the family.  We got Trevor the new Sylanders game, some science kit things and a DS game.

 Melissa got a Chromebook and few a couple little things.

Scott had wrapped my gift in this giant box. I knew where he went shopping and kept thinking "I don't know what the heck he could have bought me from that store that size". I kind of thought maybe he had bought me a sports watch and then just put it in a bigger box.

Which, I was right ;) 

I got him a chest strap that he wanted that syncs to his phone. So we kind of got each other similar presents :)

After we opened up our gifts I went out for my run, although not with the Garmin since it had to charge. Then we got dressed and went to my mom's. We actually didn't even leave the house until 11. We used to get up super early and go by 7 or 8. Oh how times have changed lol. I was surprised my brothers didn't call us asking where we were. My mom actually sent me a text when we were leaving asking where we were. For once we were the last ones to show up!

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