Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Tree

I only have one picture of the kids decorating the Christmas tree this year. They were all gun-ho (is that how you spell that lol) to get it decorated so I let them at it! They put the tree up and got the lights going almost all by themselves. I only had to help find the missing light bulbs that we had taken out last year for the moving ornaments. Oh and I helped put the garland on.

Kind of nice to have the kids do things. Then I can sit and relax ;)

While we had the ornaments out I took out all of Jessica's and her stocking and boxed them up to send to her. I sent them to her that week (which cost $50! and they say the post office doesn't make any money?) and then anxiously awaited their arrival and hoping they all made it there safe (they did). 

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1 comment:

Chris H said...

Gorgeous tree! Love how your dogs are all over you. Ours do that too. I just spent $30 posting $20 worth of sweets to my Mother!!! Daylight robbery.

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