Monday, December 1, 2014


Did you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving? I was able to get off work a few hours early on Wednesday which was really nice. I didn't put it to any good use though! I waited until Thursday morning to do any of the food preparation. I knew we weren't going to be eating until around 5 so I figured I had plenty of time.

First up? A run of course! Not quite a Turkey 5k but it was what was on my plan (5k-10k trainer). Scott went with me and did his couch to 5k that he's working on. We had almost the same amount of time to be out running (and walking for his).

When we got back I started making the deviled eggs (GOD I HATE peeling eggs, that sucks!)

Peanut Butter Pies for my brothers

and celery with peanut butter on it. I never realized how much stuff Jessica did for me on the holidays until this year. Usually she did all this stuff for me! 

By the time I was done with everything and took a shower and stuff it was time to go so we could hang out before dinner. This year we had Thanksgiving at my brother Joe's house. My brother Louie, Michele and the kids were there when we got there so got a lot of baby time! They were awake for almost the whole time they were there and super fun to play with. No one even puked on me, it was like a miracle!

Vincent has the white and red shirt on and Emma the with the gold heart.

Playing with cousin Melissa's shoe

With his Grandpa Howard

This is about all I get of Ava. Maybe she'll like me eventually ;)

The rest of the kids played on the couch (oh wait Ava's in there too ;)) They were playing squish Tony, he's under the pillows.


Louie, Michele, Emma, Mom, Dad

Uncle Bobby, Joe, Maegen, Charly

Scott, Me, & Howard

Trevor, Tony, Adrian, Melissa and Ava on the loose

After we were done eating the little ones were still being super cute

Just about everyone was gone by 9. I was ready to go but Scott wanted to stay and hang out for awhile. We played a few rounds of spoons and somehow I ended up napping on the couch. I woke up to my brother teaching Melissa how to count cards at like 1 am! Freaking party animals. I'm glad I didn't have to drive home.

Oh and here's Rocky my brother's horse dog. 

Overall it was a pretty nice Thanksgiving! We got to take a few left overs home so I've been carbing it up every since. 

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Chris H said...

I can't get over how fast those twins are growing! It looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. And the running! YOU ROCK.

Chris H said...

Hey Julie, you ok? You haven't posted in ages... was starting to wonder if you have stopped?

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