Friday, August 4, 2017


Well it hasn't been a WHOLE month since I last posted so I'm not a complete blog loser (I think).  Today is the last day of summer vacation, which means I have failed as a parent since the only thing we did that was "summery" and "vacation like" was go camping for 5 days. Which turned out to be 2 days too long when camping with teens/young adults/COWS WITH BELLS and my husband.  More about that later though.

It's so hard to believe that Trevor is going to start high school on Monday. That reminds me I should probably go out and tidy up my picture taking spot.  I paid the $180 for the opportunity for him to ride the school bus to and from school for one semester. That is one thing that some day I will be so happy not to have to pay. Although with the price of insuring new drivers that's such a bargain. On second thought I'll gladly just keep paying for the school bus.

Melissa was so cute and took Trevor to orientation and registration for me last week. Which, it's a good thing that I started thinking about how they usually do registration. We had not received anything in the mail other than a food services envelope (which I didn't even open..). The only phone call we received was back before the 4th of July to tell us about the fireworks that were going on at the school. I ended up calling the school to find out what was going on and found out we missed the packet pick up but lucky we had not missed the registration day. Jessica was nice enough to swing by the school and pick up his packet for me so I could get everything filled out for him. I was a little worried that they had mixed up what school he was going to but he now has a schedule so I guess we are good to go!

Today (Friday) is the only day I've had this week with nothing to do after work. Trevor thinks he needs a new back pack, shoes and more jeans though so I might not be able to just go home and hang out like I would like. Maybe I can get someone else to take him...

Anyhow, I'm going to work on doing some scheduled posts to catch up my little online journal here. Happy Friday!!Pin It

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You all start school early! You must get out earlier than we do. Our school starts on the 23rd of August. A new elementary school was built across the street from me. I will be hearing children play!

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