Saturday, August 5, 2017

This and That

Welcome to a "this and that" post where I combine all the exciting and not so exciting things into one post haha.

I won black out one night at Bingo! That was exciting. I didn't even have to share with anyone.

I have started removing buttons before I donate things. I'm sure that's helpful for the other end haha.

When you open your change purse and find a washer?

My girls take hula hoops everywhere now. This was a swim day at my friend Carolyn's house.

She was so cute and even moved her hips!

My mom and I dropped the girls off at a concert in Oakland. First we went to an early dinner though. Aren't they beautiful? So nice to have them together.

Side note; every time we go out to eat they mess up Jessica's order. Like EVERYTIME.  Kid is always getting discounts and free meals.

I can't remember why I had this picture on my phone but do you remember these shoes? I remember going with Scott to go buy a pair at the mall when we were first together. Back when he'd only wear black shoes so his feet didn't look big. Hello, you have big feet doesn't matter what color your shoes are haha.


This is my life. The toilet paper roll is always empty and the dog is always with me.

I worked our little communities election. We get these ballots in the mail and you can mail them in or take them in person. Very interesting how it all works. Also, people are stupid and their ballots get voided because they write extra crap on them.

There were more people than you can see here at the meeting later on when they told the results.

club parking

the view from my seat at the table. I don't know how it gets like this but it sure happens fast.

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The littles look so cute with their hoola hoops!

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