Friday, July 27, 2018


Why is it already 7pm? Slow down weekend, I need to cherish you!

I feel like I need to make myself some goals for this weekend. 

  • sell a box of fabric (omg I have so much shit here I need another house)
  • finish my little fabric bunting that is all pinned together
  • put away at least one basket of clothes 
  • list a few things on Etsy
  • sew a few more things
Today we got invited to go to my brother's house for his birthday tomorrow so we'll do that in the late afternoon/evening. Sunday I have book club for a book I haven't read yet. Whoops. I haven't actually read a book in months. I'm that person that just goes to book club for the wine and snacks now.

Last night I found the top of the kitchen table per request from Jessica. Now everything is everywhere else ;) The problems of too many projects and a small house. Sigh. 

Then since I was trying not to deal with all my crap I told the kids I was going to go out on the paddle boat and 2 of them followed (plus one companion). Sadly the grassy weeds are taking over the lake again. They are going to put something in it to treat them again I guess. I heard it's like $3500. Well worth it though since it makes the lakes so icky and that's our main attraction.

Anyhow, we went around in circles in the middle. The paddle boat is so hard to steer. I think it needs to be greased up or something. Trevor went in the canoe with my friend Traci (her canoe) and then we hung out on the dock and watched the sunset and chatted. Love dock nights.

ok off to read some blogs. I made pulled pork in the crock pot for dinner so that was easy :) Now I can relax until I get to work!

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Chris H said...

Oh pulled pork! One of my favourite meals. Wonder if it's got sugar in it??? Must check my mix. Love the idea of paddling on the lake.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie- I am that person that goes to a book club and drinks wine too. :-)
I'll be by for a pulled pork. Love pulled pork.

Annsterw said...

Love that you guys can head down to your lake and paddle around to pass the time! That picture of your daughter and yourself is perfect!!! So cute and she is definitely your double!!! Do you fish in that lake also? They have not treated my parents with anything yet this year and it too is getting very overtaken by the seaweed (lake weed/algae) HA!

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