Monday, July 23, 2018

Anniversary Trip, Last Day!

Our last day of our trip. We weren't sure if we were going to maybe stay one more night somewhere or not but about half way through the day we knew we were ready to go home.  When we got up we got ourselves all ready and checked out of the hotel. Then we went back to Kitty's Korner for breakfast. I could have just ate a couple biscuits with butter and jelly. Yum yum.

This was our "ocean view" from our hotel. That's a car wash there in front lol. I forgot to document haha about when we went to Taco Bell the night before and we came back and there were no parking spots in the hotel parking lot. Scott was NOT HAPPY and just was so worried about parking on the street. We ended up doing that but where we could see the car from our room. When we were walking back to our room I saw someone leaving and I was like hey you could go move the car now. So he did. Seriously he cracks me up the things he worries about sometimes (but usually not in the heat of the moment..)

After we had breakfast we decided to head up the coast a bit more and ended up in Cambria. Oh my gosh what a cute little town! There was a really cute little motel that we debated on trying to stay at (but now that I look at the pictures online they have icky pillows on the beds so no).

I didn't take too many pictures while we were there but there was a lot of fun antique stores and this really cool never ending succulent nursery that had some other stuff for sale here and there.

I've never seen Holly Hobbie china before. Here's a whole set! For the die hard fans for sure!

This sign made me laugh

interesting picket fence

pretty flowers :)

We walked around forever. We weren't all that hungry after our big breakfast so we decided not to eat while we were there. When we left we headed towards home. Then when we were hungry we couldn't find anything we wanted to eat. At one point we found something that sounded good so we got off the freeway and the parking lot the place was in was packed so we couldn't go there (Scott logic) then we were driving down the road and everything was on the left, and it was a ghetto area and he's freaking out so I got us back onto the freeway and we eventually found a Chilis and I had a nice big margarita. Yep, together time was good and so was that number of days haha. 

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Annsterw said...

Hi Julie! LOL! You sound like my parents! They are good together for a limited number of days and then they hit their point - LOL! He also worries about little dumb things and it drives my mother crazy!! This is why I cant have a man in my life! UGH! HA! Congrats on a pretty great sounding trip!

Julie H said...

Yeah we need a bit of space haha

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