Wednesday, July 25, 2018

4th of July Club Party

Have I mentioned that it's hot here?

And it's windy. WTF. Like a hot hair dryer. We are going to Bingo tonight. Decided I'm not cooking dinner so going to be lazy for a few minutes and do a blog post and read some blogs. I was busy all day at work doing little things that took forever and then doing some scanning of old shit that no one cares about. It's so satisfying to shred that stuff when I'm done.

So way back in the last weekend of June we had a 4th of July party here at the club. I've backed out of helping as much as I was before since it seems like certain people just take over anyways so what's the point. I just show up and ask "where you want me." So I was in charge of a water balloon game and watermelon eating contest for the kids. Not too bad.

Everyone's favorite the cake booth

This was my idea and it was a hit. Old fashioned dime toss (they got to keep the glassware it landed in.) I was going to play but there was always a big line.


Raffle prizes. I always try to win my friend's art work but never win. This new neighbor guy keeps buying like $200 worth of raffle tickers. Nice for the fundraising but no one else wins.  Although I think he scaled it back a bit at this party after people complained loudly lol.

People freaking love this. Kids watermelon eating contest. 

It was a really hot day (even back then..) so we had the party partially inside and partially outside and it still seemed to turn out ok. None of my family came (my girls were working) so I just hung out with my friends. Scott did come down later and hung out at the bar with me when I was done working :)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Windy blow dryer - boy that painted the picture Julie!
This event looked like fun as you always have. :-)

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