Friday, July 13, 2018

Sunsets and Kidlets

Today I worked on some old files that I keep putting off at work. God so boring. But I have been listening to podcasts while I do it so that makes the time go by faster. Why is it the minute I'm off work time goes by super fast?  

Anyhow, I just finished listening to one today called "Someone Knows Something, Season 2." It's about a woman that went missing and then they go interview all the people that knew her or might have something to do with it. I'm sure we'll all like WTF why don't they arrest that guy! There is a bunch of seasons so I'm trying to listen to them all in order and every once in awhile they will go back to an older case and do an update. I hope at some point they arrest the bastard. Amazing how people can commit murder and not go to jail.

I have NO PLANS for the weekend. So exciting. I am going to work on selling some more of the fabric I pulled out to destash and then maybe do some sewing. Honestly all I want to do right now is go lay on my bed and watch some Netflix and doze a bit. 

Last week I had my cousin for the evening. I took him out on the paddle boat for awhile and then got these fantastic pictures of him in the sunset.

After these we walked down to my friend's brother in law's house where he had a new audience to talk up a storm. I swear that kid can talk for days. 

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Annsterw said...

Those pictures are awesome!!!! Isn't that funny how kids can just talk and talk forever!!! I don't want to miss a word though-I know from my older nieces and nephews...all of the sudden they hit a certain age and all communication ceases! HA!

Julie H said...

Ann, what's funny though is most of my nieces and nephews never talk. This kid will be in show business when he grows up haha.

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