Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Another Hump Day

Good morning! It's almost afternoon here! Jess is going to bring the baby over soon so going to try and type real quick haha.

Totally overslept this morning and I was worried because I had two online meetings. Had to restart and it was taking my computer forever. Finally got on and both meetings got cancelled. Woohoo 

Yesterday I started to clean but got side tracked when I got to putting away scraps and that turned into starting to make another little strip zip bag. This is how far I got haha. I threw a lot of scraps away so go me. Silly how hard it is to throw away small pieces of fabric.

My mom had to take Tinkerbell to the rainbow bridge yesterday :( She was 15 and kept not eating for days and days. She had a good life with my mom, very spoiled!

Last night I went down to the kitchen/bar at the club house for Taco Tuesday. I ended up hanging out until about 9 and then just came home and relaxed. So nice to hang out with my neighbor/friends. Hopefully things are able to stay open. They are already saying we have to wear masks everywhere again.  

Anyhow, gotta clean up a bit when the baby gets here he is crawling and pulling himself up on everything now. Great way to get the house cleaned up fast haha.

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