Friday, August 6, 2021

Sewing Babies & Work

Hello Happy Friday! I got a little farther on my little string zip bags. Just need to cut them to size and put them together now.

I got a little ambitious and sewed all my little blue scraps together. I was regretting what I started at this point

Got it done! I will probably just put this away for awhile since I'm already tired of looking at them haha

I saw these meme yesterday and was look good God that can't possibly be the same person. It is! Scary lol. I sent it to my friend who has been so stressed out about work and she had to look her up too (Lori Lightfoot). It's amazing what a wig and some make up does. And clothes that fit. We were talking about how when you care about how you look you can be on the left but the rest of the time we're on the right haha.

This little peanut came over for a couple hours again yesterday. Cat naps with Grandma haha. The dog woke him up a bit and then I coughed and the nap was over.

Uncle Trevor was cooking dinner and didn't want his help so he made a barrier. Surprisingly he didn't try to break through it but would just go over and kind of yell at him.

I didn't even eat dinner last night since I was still full from our late lunch. It looked good though. Another meal from Hello Fresh.

Having some "puffs" for a snack. Snookie took care of any left overs.

Just checking out Grandma's toys.

I left him with Scott for a few minutes (Jess was on her way) to go meet up with my friend Cassi for a night cap at the little bar. Hardly anyone was in there so we ended up sitting outside so they could close down and sat there long after everyone was gone talking.  That was nice! Then we had to pee so we had to go home haha. 

Trevor got a job at the Great Wolf Lodge yesterday! He went in for the interview and got hired. He starts Tuesday with orientation. He applied for being a dishwasher so we'll see if that is what he ends up doing or not. I kind of like that he'll be doing something along the kitchen side of things since he likes to cook so much. I see him going more in the food industry than cars. We shall see! 

His dad was not too happy that he wasn't going to be working with him anymore. I can understand a bit but he was working only a couple days a week and had to commute several hours a day. Did I mention his dad has road rage when there is traffic? This will be good for him to work with some people close to his age and get to socialize a bit. The last year and a half has been so sheltering. Hopefully stuff can continue to stay open too.

No big plans for the weekend. My friend invited me to go hang out with her neighbor's on Saturday and play cards again. That was kind of fun.  Most likely I'll end up doing that if nothing else comes along.

Hope you all have a good day and good weekend!

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