Friday, August 20, 2021


Hello Happy Friday!!

I'm only working until noon today. I have an eye appointment later. Melissa is supposed to go with me so she can drive me home after I get my eyes dilated. Last time I had that done I was lucky I didn't kill myself trying to drive. This is at the new eye place I started to go to so they can document the drusen that I have in both of my eyes (old doctor only told me one eye) so that they can monitor it. Yeah fun!

If we get there early enough I want to look at their glasses since I still have not ordered any with my new prescription and I could really use them.

Yesterday they finally got that copy machine picked up and paid for. There was a guy at the office so he took care of that part for me. Yeah for not having to drive over.

I mostly worked on masks yesterday. I got this big order done. These fabrics are so cute.

and the two for my neighbor friend that works with the above orderer lol.

Still have a ton to finish but they are all partially done. I just started grouping them up to get some out the door a bit at a time.

I don't have any plans for the weekend. It is still so smoky outside that we shouldn't be doing anything out there. I'll probably just hide away in my sewing room ;) Maybe I'll find something good to watch on Netflix. I've mostly just been watching You Tube and the resellers on there along with a few others but mostly resellers.  Its amazing how many people are able to quit their jobs to do reselling and You Tube. I suspect most of their money comes from You Tube with the reselling part helping out. I definitely would go that route if I lost my job although I'd need health insurance for Scott at least. That boy gets some weird shit to take a chance on him not having insurance would be a bad roll of the dice.

Anyhow. That's all the excitement around here. Just waiting for them to make the new selections for the "pilot program" aka no one knows how it works program. Hope everyone has a good weekend if I don't make it on here again til Monday!


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