Monday, February 21, 2011

The Silence Is Beautiful!

Today is the 3rd day of my 3 day weekend and it's so nice and quiet in the house! Scott had to go to work, Melissa and Trevor spent the night at my mom's house, Jess is sleeping and the dog is so very tired from running around at my brother's house last night.

Overall the weekend was pretty nice. We didn't do anything too exciting. I did learn how many cuss words it takes for my  husband to change the bathroom faucet. Apparently it takes all of them, screamed at the top of your lungs. BUT, it's in, and is looking fabulous. Surprisingly no one keeled over from a heart attack.

Last night we decided to have a little BBQ and hang out at my brother's house. While we were on the way somehow the girls started talking about life science and Jess said she's kind of liking the idea of going into environmental science. You can guess which one of the words in "environmental science" is a bad word to my husband. He instantly got pissed off because "those people are trying to put him out of a job". (He's a mechanic by the way).  I think he forgets that I work for an "environmental" agency too. Let's just say that was a discussion that makes my head hurt and ended with "let's just not talk about this". I can't believe how closed minded he is sometimes. I told Jess she should apply to Berkeley and really piss him off. I'm such a good mom!

It just amazes me at how different our views are on some most things. I guess that's another argument for dating for a LONG time before you get married. Although I really don't remember him being like this in the early years. I really do think he's changed. Either that or my eyes have been opened to a lot more and I'm the one that's changed. Maybe it's a bit of both?

Well that's enough heavy talk! My goal today is to get the laundry done and I should probably go to the store since all that is left in the fridge is a bunch of condiments.Pin It

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