Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little less redneck by summer I hope

I have 2 new favorite sites I want to share with you. If you read here you probably have my same sick sense of humor so you'll enjoy them also :)

1.) The Daily What. It's funny, has a little bit of everything, and sometimes makes you go what???

2) Regretsy It's links of "etsy" gone wrong. HILARIOUS. I spent at least 3 hours looking at it the other day.

So in the "what did I do today" news, I'm happy to report I've been having a fantastic time at work lately. I'm sitting in between 2 people that totally entertain me. Just as long as the carrot top "you made me sick woman" is out on sick leave (think I got her sick again LMAO, she's out until Monday!) it's all fun and games. I seriously have laughed so much at work this week.

Didn't get our walk in after lunch today because we went to a yummy place for lunch. WHICH didn't even give us menus at first because they thought for sure we wouldn't need them. WHAT? Don't judge we don't go there everyday, just once a week or so. I had a fab club sandwich. Umm ummm ummm. Someday I might actually go on that diet I'm always talking about.

After I got home from work, I worked out in the yard some more. My husband has an engine hoist. Do you know what that is? Here let me show you. It's like this minus the car and the engine.

Only his? Was sitting in the dirt on the side of the shed. I don't know what I want to put there, but I know it's not this hunk of ugly metal. I had asked him to move it awhile back, which of course he didn't get around to and kind of gave me a smirk when I asked him about it. So today, I decided it needed to move. The wheels were sunk about 4" into the dirt and OMG what a heavy fucker. I twisted. I lifted. I tilted. I shoved stuff under the wheels. Finally pulled out a small piece of siding I found behind the shed and put that under it then moved it a bit. Repositioned the siding. Moved it a bit more. So I got it out of the "hole" where it was stuck but it's only out as far as where I had the vegetable garden. My arms are aching. I think I'll maybe attempt to move it some more but most likely I'm going to sell my soul to my husband to get him to move it. Yeah. It's that awkward!

I guess that means I got my work out in today?

Oh I raked and cleaned up the area where I moved it from too. That's where our big old tree was. Obviously I couldn't mow back there because of the hoist.  I'm bound and determined for it to not look like a junk yard around here.

Oh look, there's another great site to look at. GOOGLE IMAGES haha. Wow. People got some crazy out there.Pin It

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Annsterw said...

Both of those sites are great - thanks for the tip!!!!!
I love the garage actually looks like my little sisters garage only her hubbys car is like that and then buried under a tarp - LOL!!!!

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