Thursday, July 13, 2023


Hello happy Thursday! I actually worked all day today lol. They keep selecting more applications for contracts which means I have to look at all their info and write a letter. Which would be easier if I actually worked in these offices and knew what was going on. Instead I'm on a fishing expedition trying to find things.

Yesterday I was just lazy after work. I took a nap and then later drove to town to get food for dinner then back home. Look at my snuggle buddies. Snookie is like YES this is the life. Lucy back on the pattern boxes looking cute. And of course goofy Simon. She LOVES me ;)

I forgot I did list some of the stuff I bought at the thrift store on eBay yesterday. 

This one I am keeping, I hope it fits my bed. I need more fitted sheets and I like the old ones. At one point I bought some of those things to hold the corners on but I have no idea where they went. I might have to buy some new ones. Actually I could probably just make some I have elastic and suspender clips. 

I put these on the bay, we'll see if they sell if not no biggie, I'll just use them. One of them has a little flaw in the fabric but it's not very noticable.

These should sell since they are still in the packs. If they never sell I'll just keep them and use them for fabric. 

Listed this table cloth also, there is only one other one listed so hopefully someone needs a 2nd. Probably won't sell til closer to Easter.

Look at this stupid weather. They threw another 100 at the end of the list. Just rude. Then PG&E sends a thing with my projected bill and how I can still save. Kiss my ass you aholes. How about you just stop charging so much.

I think I'll pull some more fabric out to cut up for my craft booth. Just need to pick which one!


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Mandy said...

Those no-iron percale sheets are the best! I always had those growing up, and they sure spoiled me! Haha! What a great find!

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