Friday, July 14, 2023


Hello! Happy FriYeah! Are you ready for the heat? It starts today! It's 86 now at 11:20. The AC is going already. 

I started off this morning by cleaning up runny dog poo from my rug and then a huge puddle in the kitchen. TG the puddle of it was on the tile. I'm assuming that was Simon. She has been outside all morning and wanted to play ball when I went out there a bit ago so she isn't acting sick. Hopefully she just drank too much water or something. 

Yesterday after work I started cutting some things out of the fabric samples I got off of What Not awhile back. I'll work on those a bit more later today.

I've been working on changing my shipping on eBay from first class package to the new Ground Advantage. The post office is getting rid of first class so I have to manually go in and fix them all. Over 500 items and almost all of them are first class package. What a pain. I have been fixing up the shipping prices and other stuff when I pull them up so maybe that will help them sell now ;)

I got all the important letters for work done this morning so now I just need to do the not as important letters. I will mail them all out on Tuesday when I go in the office. Hopefully the printer and postage machine is working then.

Off to investigate what Trevor just made. It smells good!


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