Monday, July 17, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! As happy as Mondays can be lol. I'm waiting to hear from someone on Marketplace for a fabric buy. Yes I'm crazy but I really enjoy reselling stuff haha.

Yesterday was babysitting day! I feel like a failure since I took them home a little early to their dad. Daniel was DONE with us and really wanted to go and Rosie kept whacking her head on the floor. That's her new trick when she is mad she throws a mini tantrum and throws herself back. Which wouldn't be so bad if we had some thick carpet. Scott kept picking more adult cartoons to watch too so I think that contributed to Daniel wanting to go lol. 

Look at her little pigtail lol So cute

Her curls have shown up!

She's definitely a binky girl

Scott refuses to believe those shorts are too short.

My friend Dee gave us this blanket her boys outgrew. Both the kids snuggled up with it.

Daniel found the little clip girl thing I had got from the thrift store so I let him play with the others. They are in a bucket of smaller stuff so he has to play with them at the table. The girl was actually a bit bigger than the others we have so now we have 3 sizes of them.

Spaghetti for dinner!

Scott helping 

I took them home around 7:45 and then Simon and I went for a ride to get Dairy Queen lol. Trevor got her doggles so she could put her head out the window. So funny. She looked out the window all the way there. 

I rolled the window up on the way home 

We had to put a cone on Rusty because he's been pulling his hair out and licking a spot on his side. He wasn't too happy about that. I think he mostly just needs it at night since he's laying next to me during the day and doesn't touch it. What a weirdo. 

More disgusting weather. Next week I'll be in Colorado so it will be cooler :)

I'm covering for a gal this week for work so I have 2 more offices. Tiny bit of stuff to to this morning but nothing out of my comfort zone.


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