Thursday, September 21, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

I thought I was going to watch the kids a bit today while Jess gets her sonogram but I guess now they are going to the other grandma's. 

Last night I finished up these coin purses I was working on. 

Tina helped. Now I need to run to Joanns to get more batting so I can work on the rest of the piles. 

Simon was driving me nuts so I took the dogs out and walked to the corner and back then threw the ball for her for awhile til she got tired. Then I went to get her some water and the bushes were all entwined with the hose. Next thing I knew I had trimmed back two of the bushes. I think I have 2 more although Simon has pretty much killed the last one. She dug holes all along there. It was nice working outside without it being super hot. I was working until I couldn't see anymore. My whole yard is a disaster so might as well start somewhere I guess. I haven't worked out there in years. 

Darts tonight, we have a sub for our one guy on the team so hopefully we don't lose too bad lol. He is the one carrying our team most of the time. 

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