Friday, September 15, 2023


Good morning happy FriYeah!
I was so busy this morning I actually had to put my do not disturb on my work message thing. Different offices all messaging me at the same time. Hard to concentrate on what you're doing. Pretty much caught up now. I need to work on my review next and update my numbers on what I have worked on. Not looking forward to that on Monday. Someone in the office yesterday was asking me if I got a cash award this year. I was like noooo I don't think I'll be getting one of those with all my complaining haha. 

After the office yesterday I went to Wal Mart to get Trevor batteries and Jess asked me if I'd make pepper steak for dinner. I made 2 batches one for them and one for us. Jess said she'd pay me to cook for them lol. Funny she never wanted to eat what I cooked when she lived here ;) I guess you appreciate it more when you have to cook for everyone else. There are left overs for lunch today.

On the way home my car rolled 96K. It's almost old now. 

When I was at WM I bought myself a little 24" tv for my sewing room. I need to move things around a bit but it fits ok right here for now. My speakers are starting to go out on my laptop so now I don't have to hear it tin can while I watch stuff in the background. 

After cooking last night I washed an hours worth of dishes and then I was too tired to do much else. Maybe today I'll finish up those keychains.

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