Sunday, September 3, 2023


Hello happy Sunday! It's a sweeter Sunday since we have Monday off too!

I've been working on my coasters. Left side is done, right side still in progress. That's a lot of coasters lol. I've still been fighting with my machine skipping stitches. What is weird though is that I put on a fresh spool of Coats & Clark thread and it didn't skip at all. So that leads me to believe it's something with the thread spool that is making it skip (Gutermann is what I usually use). Weird. If I go really slow it doesn't skip as much. 

Just spent 10 minutes updating my Netflix password for my parents. No idea what my password was since the one I thought it was wasn't working. Then I had to update my phone number since one of my kids changed it to theirs.  Glad they didn't change the email too sheesh. 

Saw this shirt, thought it was funny. After hanging out with really old people I can't agree more.

Tina "helping". I've been watching Escaping Polygamy on Hulu. I'm almost done watching all 4 seasons. Originally they were mostly doing people from the group that they came from but the later ones are more of the FLDS. What a bunch of sickos all those cults are. People inbreeding and women are just for abusing and making babies. Everyone is so brain washed. 

Last night I closed the sewing room door with Tina on the other side of it so she wouldn't make messes while I was sleeping. Snookie decided to pee on my bed so I'd still have something to clean up this morning. I swear it's always something. 

We went to Sizzler last night for dinner. We all got the salad bar. I didn't eat much salad since I had that for brunch but I had a bunch of other stuff. Afterwards we went to Joanns so I could get some more iron on fleece. They were out of the kind I usually buy. This other stuff seems to be ok. 

Trevor said he got a job at Fed Ex. Woohooo! He has orientation on Tuesday. I'm excited that he will have something to keep him busy and get out of the house. He needs to be around more people than me and the animals. 

Ok off to do some sewing since I have to clean in 2 hours for the kids to come over. Hopefully they are feeling better since they were sick all week.

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