Thursday, September 14, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday.

Tina went shopping in the small white/black scrap box last night apparently. I heard her making her wild kitty calls last night lol.

I finished making my Halloween string blocks yesterday. I sewed them into 3 sections. I'm going to make a tote bag with them I think. I need to get some of the batting I use for that so set them aside for now.

I went back to the keychains I was working on before (had ran out of the clips) and got these done.

Just have to finish a few more. Then I'm going to pull out more sports fabrics and a little bit of other stuff and do another round of zip bags and such.

Jess came over to use the printer. I had to clean it off and sent this to Jess saying Tina is ready for her. She's the printer assistant and likes to beat the paper up when it comes out. We put her in the other room when we were actually printing lol

I need to go jump in the shower in a minute so I can go into the office and print out letters and mail them. My throat is still scratchy but not much else so hoping it stays that way and doesn't go into my chest. Trevor is still coughing (he took a Covid test last week and it was negative). 

Nothing I have to do after work today so that is nice. Trevor will be at work so it will be quiet except for the animals haha.

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