Monday, September 4, 2023


Good morning happy no work Monday! The best kind of Monday to have. So nice to sleep in and have no plans. I did have to get up to take the dogs out though of course.  No messes to clean up this morning it's a miracle and I didn't even remember to close the sewing room door.

Daniel loves his new Buzz Lightyear. We watched almost all the Toy Story movies yesterday. I've seen enough of those to last me awhile. 

He kept throwing a fit because he couldn't get the wings closed or the little compartment on his arm open. I finally took it away for about 60 seconds and then he stopped doing that lol. 

My poor Snookie is getting old. She's so gray. 

She loves the rocking chair my rocking horse. I *almost* got rid of this chair. I'm glad I didn't since she likes it. It needs some glue since the stuff keeps popping out. I need to remember to do that. 

Stealing brothers snacks. 

She fell asleep on my lap. Sorry can't do anything I can't get up!

After her brother woke her up. She's like where am I and why are you breathing so loud ;)

Tina supervising

taking my horse for a run

Today's plan is NOTHING. Well some sewing haha. Still working on the coasters. Maybe I'll finish them today but probably not lol. 


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