Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Good morning, Happy Tuesday! I am grouchy this morning. I could not fall asleep for anything last night. Scott kept snoring, the dog was panting. I got to the point where I thought about just getting up and doing some more sewing but just went to the couch instead. I don't think I slept all that much there either. Woke up and the bathroom was busy. For AN HOUR. Finally got in there to take a shower and then someone went back in there. WTF people can't even brush my teeth. TG finally got that done. One bathroom is not fun sometimes.  I am so ready for everyone to go back to work. I might go to work tomorrow or Thursday to do some stuff since I have like nothing to work on at home. 

Today I can actually leave the house so I want to go to Costco and pick up my new glasses and to JoAnn's and get some more batting and interfacing for my projects.

I got all the zip bags I had started finished last night. Here is the whole lot of them that I made in the basket. That is mostly from going through all my Mickey & Minnie small pieces and then a few others.

Finished these yesterday

Glad to be done with those for awhile and to work on something else. Next up is some Halloween mug rugs. I got the main parts cut out last night. I need the batting to get those done though.

A couple funnies

No one vacuums here but me but I thought this was funny. So hard to let the little pieces go.

and this made me laugh! It is nice when people comment but mostly my blog is for me. I should see about printing it off somehow. If I die and someone closes my bank account my blog will be gone lol.

My friend just told me her school is going to have a holiday craft show in December so that is cool. I was hoping it was inside but she said outside. I'm like well I've had covid and I'm vaccinated I should be good now. What are the chances I'll be the one person who is vaccinated that gets it twice? Don't answer that haha.


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Anonymous said...

I am one of those people who has read your blog for years — I rarely comment because I don’t have a blog anymore so it seems so one-sided that you don’t know anything about me yet I know about your life. Learned something new this week about almond harvest dust! I live in farm country in SW Michigan and pretty much all we grow is corn. So glad your family is on the mend. Loved that Trevor got a job on his own, hopefully he gets to go back soon! Take care, Molly

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