Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Good morning happy hump day!

I finished all the keychains I had been working on yesterday. 

I looked over at some point and Lucy was laying like this. I was like what is she thinking about? lol. She closed her eyes after a minute or so and fell asleep.

I had ordered some more zippers since I was out of pink (I just get a variety pack off Amazon since it is a good price). I got them yesterday so I finished up the scrappy zip bags I had been working on. The bottom right is my favorite :) I have so much stuff hopefully I can fit it all in the car AND my mom on Sunday lol. Might have to switch some stuff to bags instead of boxes so it takes up less room.

I made pork chops last night and tried a different recipe it was so good. I usually buy pork chops with the bone in but Scott had got some without. Something about he had them in the cart for his mom but then found something else and didn't want to walk back lol. Now that he's been shopping for his mom again I can have him pick up a few things and do Instacart to fill in the pieces.

Probably going to go to bingo tonight. I need to see if Melissa is planning on coming. If she isn't I might skip it since my friend Dee is supposed to come over and get the stuff she ordered from me. She might be ready to leave by the time bingo comes around anyways.

We are down to two contracts that have to get signed. One the guy has to resign the original application because they signed it with an electronic pen type thing. Pretty sure they've let a few of those through, funny the things they kick out. I don't get why it makes a difference. The other one keeps being "too busy".  I'm pretty sure I'd make some time to get $110k grant money. Might just be me though? lol

So far the only work stuff I have today requires me to go into the office to print things out and mail them so that's not going to happen today. Maybe next week. I'm off on Friday and Monday woohoo. I think I am going to get a massage on Friday my neck has been bothering me.

Ugh Rusty is kicking things because he wants me to take him out. Anyone else's dog do that? Such a little poop head. Ok back in he just wanted to look for the yard cats. What a faker.

Still watching the Handmaid's Tale, Almost done with season three. Part of me wishes it was over so that they "get out". If there are more seasons then you know that didn't happen.

Ok off to figure out what I'm doing today. 

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