Thursday, September 2, 2021


Good morning, happy whatever day it is. Thursday? I think? 

Yesterday I ended up taking Trevor to the ER. I wasn't able to go in with him but at least he has his phone so he can text me. He ended up getting admitted for pneumonia. He did not have any of the signs they said to watch for but his fever was going really high when his Tylenol or Motrin wore off.  I finally was able to talk to a nurse today and he is not on any oxygen since his levels are good. He is on anti-viral meds and antibiotics. Hopefully he doesn't have to stay too long and continues getting better. I know he felt a lot better this morning already.

Jessica's boyfriend Daniel has been throwing up a lot so she finally convinced him to go in and get checked out so we are waiting to hear about him.

I'm trying to sanitize the areas where Trevor was hanging out while he was sick and washing all his stuff today. I am going to go take him his blanket, DS (and some clean underwear) later. 

Meanwhile we have all these problems with stuff for work but it is a nice distraction to keep my mind busy. I purposely did not post on social media about Trevor but my neighbor does a prayer request thing so I told her she can put him on there. One of my friends was texting me offering not helpful advice about what we should do and all this and that. Like I don't want your advice. Just tell me you're sending good vibes or something. Sheesh. 

Anyhow that's my sad little world right now. Hopefully it starts looking up soon.

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