Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Good morning Happy WEDNESDAY! I thought it was Tuesday for about an hour this morning. I slept really well from about midnight to 3am when I had to get up and take some allergy meds so I could breathe. Now I'm like hung over and my head kind of hurts. Joy!

Scott went to work this morning. We'll see how long he makes it. He left after 8:30 so it will be a short day for him unless he stays really late. He's mostly been having an icky stomach. This virus is so weird. Today is his day 10 I believe so hopefully he is still working by himself. He really is the only one that does any work for his employer right now.

Yesterday I went to Costco and finally picked up my new glasses. They are pretty nice but I still ended up taking them off to sew. This morning I'm trying out the computer ones, they don't have as much distance as the regular ones and have the blue light lenses or whatever. 

After Costco I got Trevor and Scott Jamba Juice (they really should make those with a drive thru) and then picked up Scott's meds and came back to the base lol. I did want to go to Joanns but decided I could work on stuff before I needed to get the batting. 

I used heat and bond to put all the fabric pictures onto the base pieces and then picked out some coordinating fabrics.

and before I went to bed last night I got all the tops done! Now I need the batting to do the top stitching. I might just cut out the back pieces first and then run to the store later. I do have some cotton batting that I MIGHT just use. Debating. I really like the fusible stuff and that is not fusible. 

I saw this yesterday and it make me laugh. I am in so many fabric destashing groups I have to keep telling myself NO YOU DON'T NEED THAT. But sometimes stuff is just so cheap or super cute and I can't help myself. Hey it could be expensive hand bags or shoes right? lol

I have a nice size Etsy order to pack up today! I like it when people buy a bunch of stuff at once :) 


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