Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Good morning, happy Wednesday! I woke up with a sinus type headache this morning but not really coughing. Go me! I used the nebulizer yesterday which made me feel all kinds of funky. I'm glad I waited until after work to do that.

Yesterday I got that big box of scraps I bought off someone ironed and wound onto my little cards. There are only a few pieces that were to small to do. Now I need to figure out where to put them haha. My drawer organizer is full. Must sew faster ;)

Stole this from Jess, they are so cute.

This is a drive by picture from when I went to get us some lunch yesterday. They are harvesting pumpkins down the road from us. There was a ton of cars so I couldn't just stop in the road and take a good picture. 

After I was done with those scrap fabrics I came across this little quilt top I had started way back in February.

I decided to turn it into a tote bag! I ended up finishing it late last night (again staying up too late haha). I love it so even if no one else does I'll just keep it for myself.

Inside is 3 pockets, 2 little and 1 big one. 

Today I think I will play with the extra squares I had in the bag and make them into zip bags. No scrap left behind ;) I have a few emails to do this morning. Everyone trying to shove stuff into 6 days left!

Tonight I'm planning on going to bingo with Melissa. Not sure if any of the other kids are going, I'll have to see if they want to go. Melissa is excited she has the evening off so we can go. This will be our first one since everything shut down. I missed the last couple weeks since we were sick.

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