Tuesday, September 7, 2021


Good morning! Happy Monday Tuesday! We are all still alive, TG.

Trevor came home on Friday around 6:30. He's been stuck to the couch pretty much like this since then. He has a plug in the wall oxygen machine that he is actually using. He has a phone appointment with our regular doctor today. Not sure how he'll be able to tell how well his lungs are doing over the phone but I guess this is where we have to start. Hoping he can get up and move around a bit more.

This is my positive at home test from Friday. I was pretty pissed that I was positive since I was vaccinated. BUT I have been recovering much faster than everyone else in the family who are not vaccinated. Hopefully I'll be done with this shitznit in a day or two. I did have a low fever come back again last night (99.3) so that is annoying.

Scott took another test on Friday and was still negative but he started getting sick yesterday. I don't think we need a test to know he has it. We'll see how well he does since he doesn't believe in the vaccine and listens to stupid bullshit.

I spent Friday and Saturday like this. 

Lucy offered her tail end for some comfort.

Saturday my eyes were SUPER red and painful, thought for sure I had pink eye but it went away yesterday so now I think it was just "covid eyes".

Saturday I asked if someone could bring us some food because my brain was too tired to even think of what to buy from Instacart that we could even make. I pretty much never ask anyone for help but I was like good God we need some help. My neighbor/bookclub/friend and her husband got us this huge order of chicken, fries and a pie. We've been eating it all weekend.

My friend Dee made us some care packages and dropped one off at my daughter's and one at my house. I forgot to take a picture of my porch. My Friend-Sister to the rescue. I might not have any REAL sisters but I swear she's the best. 

She made us a couple of meals, we ate some of this cheesy pasta one day. I still have a pasta & meatballs and some chicken thighs she made in the fridge too.

My other buddy Cassi went and got us some water and popsicles the other day too.

Highlight of my weekend is facetiming with the little one yesterday for a few minutes. OMG I miss him so much. Their house is almost all better but still not 100%. TG the baby was only sick for like 2 days. Everyone they have to help them is sick so very difficult. Daniel's siblings and his dad (who is also vaccinated) are all sick too. It sucks living 12 miles from town sometimes.

I have watched all of TikTok over the weekend I think. I can't sleep for shit so I was awake at like 3/4/5/6 this morning.

Signed into work this morning and have a bunch of emails of contracts to get uploaded for signature. We'll see if I make it upright all day. I'm glad to have something to do I was boring myself. I'm almost ready to sew again so that is good if I have to have Scott in the living room for 9 more days ;) I can only take so much togetherness, especially when he is sick.  Nursing is something I could NEVER do. 

Ok wish me luck to make it all day!

Oh and I forgot to add, thanks for the comments from the couple Anon people who say they have followed me for years! 

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Peggy said...

Glad you are on the upswing.

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