Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Good morning it's another coughing morning. Hopefully this gets better soon. I might have to call and make a dr's appointment and see about getting some antibiotics soon if it doesn't. Kind of getting that bronchitis type feeling I always get after being sick.

Yesterday we got an email saying that they are projecting that we will all be back to work March 14, 2022 (and everyone will have to be vaccinated but we know how well that worked in my situation). That's kind of hilarious. Like why even bother by that point. Meanwhile my friend who works at a school wasn't even notified that the girl who sits next to her was positive for Covid. She said at this point the only reason they would quarantine is if they personally get it.  Kind of disgusting.

I stayed up late last night working on my keychains. I was like oh I'm almost done, then it was after 11:30 when I actually was. I was still wide awake in bed at like 1am and woke up around 6 and didn't fall back asleep. My body forgot how to sleep correctly apparently.

I still need to finish my "black" pile of keychains but I'm out of interfacing. I will probably run to Joanns at some point today. Part of me wants to go through and make up ALL the keychains I have started but that would be a lot lol. I'm sure I'll be sick of them after I finish the black pile.

After my last show I went through and cut off a bunch of keychains that I had had for a long time and hadn't sold.

Not sure what I am going to work on when I finish those yet. I should make some more wine bags since Lodi is a big wine area. I'm almost out of stock of those. I think when I have my show I am going to make all the mug cozies $3 or 2/5 so I can clear them out a bit. I've had some for a really long time. I have them on sale in my Etsy shop right now too.

We have 9 days til the end of the fiscal  year for work. Woohoo. I'll be so glad when this "year" is over. They have tried to jam so much into the last month it is ridiculous. 

Last night I saw a Tik Tok of this nurse talking about how this woman got Covid from her sister. How they spent an hour working on this woman trying to save her and how she still died and then the sister came in and asked them why they killed her sister. She was like girl you killed your own sister (basically). Super sad. I'm sure the sister was just grieving and probably didn't really mean to lash out at the nurses. But I also think it is really sad how they blame the sister for killing her. Like anyone really MEANS to get Covid and pass it on. I know everyone feels horrible if they accidentally got a family member sick. She'll live with that for the rest of her life. 

Everyone assumes they are all unvaccinated but they don't know. Obviously you can be vaccinated and still get sick and I'm sure pass it on. No I didn't die but who knows if I'll have lasting effects the rest of my life. Maybe I'll even get something funky from the vaccine that we don't know about until 20 years down the line. We've all seen those class action law suits for those "safe" drugs we took in the past right? I also feel horrible for the nurses and what they have to go through so I'm not putting any kind of blame on the nurse either. Like who signs up for that when you think oh I'll go to nursing school so I can support myself and my family.  The whole thing is just fucked up. Is it ever going to go away or are we just going to keep getting variants and new boosters and live with people around us dying. 

Well there is Julie's mind for the morning. Time to refill the coffee cup!

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