Monday, September 13, 2021


Good morning! Happy Monday! Today is my last day of quarantine TG! Scott has through Wednesday. My boss asked up above for work and they said I wouldn't start over my time if someone else in my house got sick. Kind of weird but I'll take it.

For the most part I am fine now. I slept til 10 naturally both days of the weekend which is really late for me. My body must have needed the rest. Somewhere over the weekend I realized I can't really smell much which is weird. Most things still taste the same but a few things are off. Yesterday I had fries from Wendy's and they were spicy. Trevor said it's like they used extra black pepper and it was exactly like that. So weird. I just cough every so often and my nose is still kind of stuffy but they are also harvesting almonds everywhere around us and that usually makes me have allergies too. I'll be glad when my head is totally clear again.

At some point yesterday Trevor took his oxygen off and says he is ok without it so we'll see how long it takes him to be up and moving around more. I'll be so happy if he can go back to work and live life again. That was scary!

I spent all weekend hiding in my sewing room. Lots of zip bags finished! I am almost done with all the ones I had cut out way before I got sick. Just have to finish this one stack of Mickey & Minnies and then I have a bunch of Dr. Suess and a few misc ones to finish. Had to use some of my cotton batting since I ran out of my fusible fleece. It sucks not being able to run to the store. But I am using up some small scraps of that other stuff. Batting is great since you can just zig zag small pieces together to make them work and these zip bags are perfect for that.

These extra scrappy ones are my favorite, bottom left for sure.

When I get done with these I'm going to make my friend some mug rugs for Halloween. I was showing her what fabrics I had, she has a spooky potion decoration. 

Going to make a few of these too, they are so cute

and some fall/autumn ones

My aunt sent me a picture of Princess yesterday (kitten I bottle fed for anyone who hasn't followed along). She is getting so big. Her face got dark and look at her cute striped legs!

Here is Felix who lives with Melissa. He loves this scratching post top apparently.

My friend got her boss to send over some pictures of the ones he took. Here is Spots

and my little buddy Tiger. I cried to give him away lol. Definitely my favorite.

Here's my sewing buddies.

Tina's so funny

It is 9:30 and my boss has not logged in. I sent her a text but she hasn't answered yet. I hope she's ok!

Well guess I'll go find something to do. I was hoping my email was going to be full of stuff but nope, nothing! Might get those bags finished sooner than later ;)

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