Thursday, September 30, 2021


Good morning happy Thursday! Just taking a few minutes to wake up more than I need to clean up the living room. I am going to watch the little one while Jess cleans the neighbor's house.

Yesterday my friend Dee came over after work to pick up some stuff she ordered and hand out for a bit. She works at a school office and OMG she's got some crazy ass parents to deal with. Talk about some drama.

When she left it was time for bingo and Melissa & Trevor went with me. My friend Cassi is back from her trip to Oregon so she came and hung out too.

I worked on these make up bags on and off all day yesterday. They are just ready to sew together.

I got two done after bingo last night. They are nice and easy to sew since there are no corners to clip. Just sew around the edges.

Today is the last day of the fiscal year. We got an email yesterday about possibly being furloughed if they don't pass the budget that includes the USDA by midnight tonight. I'm just like well why wouldn't we be furloughed with this year the way it's been haha. We finally got the last two contracts done yesterday at the last minute. Here's your reward an unpaid vacation! 


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