Monday, September 20, 2021


Good morning happy coughing Monday! Ugh am I ever going to be back to normal again? Well as normal as I can be haha. 

Friday night I went to play darts for the first time. Melissa subbed for Scott and Eric came along to hang out. It was so much fun visiting with all the neighbors. I totally suck at darts though. See my new glasses?  After darts was over I went to my friend Traci's house and hung out for a bit until she started dozing off while we were talking lol. 

Saturday was my niece Adrian's birthday party. I had asked her what her favorite color was so I could make her a little scrappy zip bag to put some cash in. I actually got it finished up with some time to spare in the morning.

Trevor went with me to the party and we picked up little Daniel to go with us too. Jessica had to work so couldn't go. He was super interested in all the other kids.

This is my brother's daughter Stella she is 4 months younger. 

He was playing with this little wagon so Melissa put him in it and pulled him around

Then my nephew Joey wanted to take over (he just turned 3)

That's Joey's little friend Oliver in the background

Kids hanging out. Adrian is like I was growing up in between the big kids and little kids ages. Trevor is the closest to her in age and he is 6 years older. They spent about two hours playing the piano together. I should have got a picture.  Well I guess Ava is closer in age to her now that I think about it, but they left early.

PINK frosting woohoo lol. (Emma, Adrian, Ava, Dad in the background, Oliver and Joey)

I brought Joey's birthday present and he LOVED it. This cute T ball stand. He whacked the ball for a good half an hour straight. That's my brother Joe behind him.

My mom & Melissa with Daniel. They made such a nice porch area with these curtains going around the sides of the porch covering. Just need something to hold them down when it gets windy.

and here is Fancy who used to not be allowed on the couch lol. She is the cutest little dog.

I pretty much went to bed when we got home. My chest was hurting from breathing which sounds funny but didn't fell that funny.

Sunday I worked on finishing the rest of the Halloween mug rugs (I made 2 of everything)

and then a quick one for my friend Carolyn

I started working on black keychains for my upcoming craft fair (October 3rd). I thought I was out of interfacing but I found some the other day so used that up. I'll have to get some more to finish up the pile I'm working on. Need to get those sports teams done.

and I bought some scraps off of someone on a destashing site. I can't believe how much she got squished into a box and it just kept puffing up after I took it out. I spent a little bit of time ironing some pieces and wrapping them on the little cards but I have a ton more to go. Just been doing like 10 pieces at a time. So far lots of fun stuff I can use for little bags and keychains.

Ok guess I'll go do some work. So annoyed they are still selecting more people for funding. Everything shuts down in 10 days. Good luck getting it all done that quick. I took off the 1st and the 4th for a mini vacation. Plus I have that craft show on the 3rd so I'm sure I'll be wanting a day of nothing lol.

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