Sunday, September 25, 2016

Adrian is 7

I can't believe Adrian is 7 already! She has a mouthful of partially in and out teeth. So cute! This year she had a swim party with a taco bar for lunch/dinner.

This is us playing the knot game with the kids. They all LOVE LOVE LOVE Melissa.

They played a game of musical chairs. I was telling someone's grandma that every party I've been to when they play musical chairs someone starts crying. Sure enough, both the younger kids started crying when they got out lol.

Adrian opening her presents. Check out her grandpa behind her sacked out. Naps happen people.

The taco bar for lunch/dinner was great! This was lunch and later I made some nachos for dinner. (we were there ALL DAY)

Ah to be 7 again. When I was 7 my little brother was born and I was no longer the only child. Talk about a life changing year.

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