Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cross Country Road Trip Day 5, Let the Kid Drive

Yeah we were finally waking up in North Carolina! I was awake super early because I knew Jess was very excited to come hang out and do things. Jess and Ariel came up to the room and then we went out to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. I thought I had been to one of those restaurants before but after going in and sitting down I think I was confusing it with something else. They don't have an of these by us so it was a fun place to go to! I of course had a biscuit or two with my breakfast!

After breakfast we went back to Jessica's house and hung out with my grand dogs! They are so cute.

After puppy love we stopped by Ariel's Nana's house. Her Great Grandma was turned 89 years old and they were having a little party. We got to meet most of her family and the girls had a cupcake.

Then we went back to the hotel to change into our swimsuits and went to a little hidden swimming hole the girls like. Holy Moly if I lived here I'd be here all the time! It was so awesome! They call it Turtle Cove. You drive through a residential area and then do a little walk through this forest like area and it comes out into this fabulous swimming area.

Jess said she had never seen so many people there. I guess they usually go on a week day though so that would explain it. TONS of dogs. I was in dog heaven. There was a big log we were sitting on and swimming around and random dogs would just swim by.

We stayed there for a few hours and then went back to the hotel to change and get cleaned up again for dinner. Jess took us to Carolina Ale House. The music was super loud but they turned it down a bit when Jess asked. Glad it wasn't just me being an old person haha.

 Yum, Nachos! That's a half order too!

We had a nice time visiting and having dinner (and a margarita!). Jess and I were super sad that this was the only day we were going to see each other because we had to fly back the next day and she had to work. She couldn't take the day off since she'd been sick so much lately, the car accident and it was a pretty new job. We did our sad goodbyes and I did the ugly cry a bit when we got back to the room. Such is life!

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Chris H said...

'Grand Dogs'! Ha ha, too funny.

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